Guide to Getting Married in Mexico

Getting Married in Mexico

Guide to Getting Married in Mexico. A better guide if you are looking to have a Destination Wedding in Mexico, Religious, Ceremonial or Civil Wedding.

To marry in Mexico, there are usually three types of ceremonies held in the country. Civil or Legal Wedding, Religious Wedding and Ceremonial Wedding. Of the three, the only one recognized in Mexico, that is valid to issue a legal document of married for the United States, and Canada is the civil wedding.

For members of the European Union the Civil Wedding is also valid.

Legal requirements


Persons under 18 years of age cannot marry in Mexico without the consent of the parents. You will need a permit or document to endorse this decision. In case of having them, the men must have a minimum age of 16 and the girls a minimum of 14 years of age.


You do not need to be a resident of Mexico to get married in the country. You will only need your passport and tourist permit and some extra paperwork. Airlines will give you a tourist card if you visit Mexico. If you travel to the country through a car, you will have to get one in Mexico.

Some states in Mexico require copies of birth certificates that are translated into Spanish and certified by the country of origin. They need to be copies because in the office they stay with them as records.

Health certificate

The Mexican laws require a document of health to marry in Mexico especially the civil weddings. Blood, HIV, and STDs tests, are performed. These can be performed in some resorts, clinics and hospitals in Mexico.

We recommend arriving 3 days in advance to give you time to complete these procedures and exams. For the government the days Saturday and Sunday are non-working. Government offices and staff working for the government rest during those two days.

Single Affidavit

Known as the “stateroom statute declaration”, it is a document needed required by the Mexican government to hold the legal wedding. This document indicates that you are single and do not have an impediment to getting married. This procedure is signed and performed in the same place.

If the couple wishes that the parents’ names are on the legal certificate as witnesses, they must bring copies of the translated birth certificates and apostilled to Spanish. These documents are appended to the application to marry in Mexico and are not returned. It is important to bring certified copies. Otherwise, the parents’ names will be omitted from the document.


Civil weddings in Mexico require four witnesses. If the couple has their witnesses they have filled out the form for the civil wedding. These include name, nationality, address, occupation and age. Have a valid passport and your tourist card.

Witnesses and / or relatives are advised to arrive three days in advance to have all the papers ready.

Foreigner + Mexican

Of all the mentioned documents to marry in Mexico. A foreigner with a Mexican national needs to obtain a permit from the Secretary of the Interior, from the Immigration Office area. (It has an approximate cost of USD $ 200) The document is “Permission to contract Marriage with a National”.

This document is given, in the same offices where you see the process for the civil wedding. Therefore, we also recommend seeing this in advance. This process can last from two working days to two weeks.

Official Holidays in Mexico

  • January 1: New Year.
  • February 5: Constitution Day.
  • March 21: Birth of Benito Juárez
  • May 1: Labor Day
  • September 16: Independence Day
  • November 20: Day of the Mexican Revolution
  • December 1: Executive Branch.
  • December 25th: Christmas

The Civil Wedding in Mexico

To marry in Mexico all civil weddings are valid and legal. Being an official event, it is conducted in Spanish by a judge and translated into English or some other language if desired. We recommend seeing this with a wedding coordinator.

The US Department of State requires that all weddings held in the Caribbean including in Mexico have an apostille stamp. Civil weddings are held at the offices of the Civil Registrar’s Office. The average cost may vary in tourism areas. (USD $ 100 to $ 250) There are Judges who can perform the civil wedding at the hotel, hacienda or resort, but these have extra costs.

Religious Wedding in Mexico

There are many religions in Mexico and any couple can have a religious wedding anywhere in the country. So anyone can choose to get married in Mexico. However, religious weddings lack official validity. A civil wedding is the legal way to marry in Mexico.

We consider that if you wish to have an Adventist Wedding, Roman Catholic Wedding, Christian Wedding, Jewish Wedding, Muslim Wedding, Indian Wedding or any other religious wedding take a little more time to see the procedures necessary to perform them in Mexico.

Usually some couples have two weddings, civil and religious. Some religions request to have a civil wedding first to confirm the legality of the marriage and after that they can realize the religious wedding.

The Ceremonial Wedding in Mexico

These types of ceremonies are recommended for couples who are going to renew marriage vows, or wish to have a wedding ceremony. There are different styles, but usually these ceremonies are considered non-denominational.

Some ministers in Mexico speak English, French, German, Italian or Portuguese. Just remember that these ceremonies are not legally recognized in Mexico or in any country. In some regions of Mexico like Quintana Roo or Yucatan ceremonial weddings can be realized

Weddings of the Same Sex (LGBTI)

Getting married in Mexico shouldn’t be an issue if you are pursuing an LGBTI wedding. So far, there are only nine states in Mexico where a same-sex wedding can be legally held through a civil wedding. These states are Quintana Roo, Jalisco, Morelos, Campeche, Coahuila, Nayarit, Michoacán and Mexico City.

In any other state of Mexico, a ceremonial or religious wedding of the same sex may be held, but it will not have official validity.

The information can change at any time, as wedding photographers in Mexico, we try to guide potential couples and facilitate their adventure in this country. You can visit the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico to look for specific information.

We hope this Guide of Getting Marriedin Mexico could help you in your new adventure. If you feel or want to add something to this guide, send us an email to info(at)

Mexican Institute of Migration

Embassies and Consulates


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Guía para Casarse en México

Casarse en México

Para casarse en México, normalmente existen tres tipos de ceremonias celebradas en el país. Boda Civil o Legal, Boda Religiosa y Boda Ceremonial. De las tres, la única reconocida en México y que es válido para emitir un documento legal de casados para Estados Unidos y Canadá es la boda civil.

Para miembros de la Unión Europea la Boda Civil también es válida.

Requerimientos Legales


Personas menores de 18 años no se pueden casar en México sin el consentimiento de los padres. Necesitarás un permiso o documento que avale esta decisión. En caso de tenerlos, los varones deben tener una edad mínima de 16 y las chicas un mínimo de 14 años de edad.


No necesitas ser residente de México para casarte en el país. Solamente necesitarás tu pasaporte y el permiso de turista y algo de papeleo extra. Las aerolíneas te dan una tarjeta de turista si visitas México. Si viajas hacia el país por medio de un automóvil tendrás que conseguir una en México.

Algunos estados de México requieren copias de certificados de nacimiento y que estén traducidos al español y certificados por el país de origen. Necesitan ser copias porque en la oficina se quedan con ellas como registros.

Certificado de Salud

Las leyes mexicanas requieren un documento de saludo para casarse en México sobre todo las bodas civiles. Se realizan exámenes de sangre, VIH y ETS. Estos se pueden realizar en algunos resorts, clínicas y hospitales en México.

Recomendamos llegar 3 días antes para que les dé tiempo de realizar estos trámites y exámenes. Para el gobierno los días sábado y domingo son no laborables. Oficinas de gobierno y personal que trabaja para el gobierno descansa durante esos dos días.

Affidavit de Soltero

Conocido como la “declaración de estatuto de soltero” es un documento necesitado por el gobierno de México para realizar la boda legal. Este documento indica que estás soltero y no tienes un impedimento para casarte. Este procedimiento se firma y se realizar en el mismo lugar.

Si la pareja desea que los nombres de los padres estén en el certificado legal como testigos, deben traer copias de los certificados de nacimiento traducidos y apostillados al español. Estos documentos se anexan a la aplicación para casarse en México y no son regresados. Es importante traer copias certificadas. De otra manera los nombres de los padres serán omitidos en el documento.


Las bodas civiles para casarse en México requieren cuatro testigos. Si la pareja tiene a sus testigos tengan llenado el formulario para la boda civil. Estos incluyen nombre, nacionalidad, dirección, ocupación y edad. Tener pasaporte válido y su tarjeta de turista.

Los testigos y/o familiares es recomendable que lleguen con tres días de anticipación para tener todos los papeles listos.

Extranjeros + Mexicano o Mexicana

De toda la documentación mencionada para casarse en México. Un extranjero con un nacional mexicano necesita obtener un permiso de la Secretaria de Gobernación, del área de Oficina de Migración. (Tiene un costo aproximado de USD $200) El documento es “Permiso para contraer Matrimonio con un Nacional”.

Este documento es dado en las mismas oficinas donde se ve el trámite para la boda civil. Así que también recomendamos ver esto con anticipación. Este proceso puede durar de dos días laborables hasta dos semanas.

Días Festivos Oficiales en México

  • 1 de enero: Año Nuevo.
  • 5 de febrero: Día de la Constitución.
  • 21 de marzo: Natalicio de Benito Juárez
  • 1 de mayo: Día del Trabajo
  • 16 de septiembre: Día de la Independencia
  • 20 de noviembre: Día de la Revolución Mexicana
  • 1 de diciembre: Poder Ejecutivo.
  • 25 de diciembre: Navidad

La Boda Civil en México

Para casarse en México todas las bodas civiles son válidas y legales. Siendo un evento oficial, es conducida en español por un juez y traducida por al inglés o algún otro idioma si lo desean. Recomendamos ver esto con un coordinador de bodas.

El departamento de Estado de los Estados Unidos (U.S. State Department) requiere que todas las bodas realizadas en el caribe incluyendo en México tengan un sello apostillado.

Las bodas civiles se realizan en las oficinas de del Registro Civil (Civil Registers Office) el costo promedio puede variar en áreas de turismo. (USD $100 a $250) Hay Jueces que pueden realizar la boda civil en el hotel, hacienda o resort, pero estos tienen costos extras.

La Boda Religiosa en México

Existen muchas religiones en México y cualquier pareja puede tener una boda religiosa en cualquier lugar del país. Así que cualquiera puede optar por casarse en México. Sin embargo, las bodas religiosas carecen de validez oficial. Siendo que para casarse en México de manera legal es la boda civil.

Consideramos que si desea tener una Boda Adventista, Boda Católica Romana, Boda Cristiana, Boda Judía, Boda Musulmana, Boda Hindú o alguna otra boda religiosa tome un poco más de tiempo en ver los trámites necesarios para realizarlos en México.

Normalmente algunas parejas tienen dos bodas, la civil y la religiosa. Algunas religiones solicitan tener una boda civil primero para confirmar la legalidad del matrimonio y después se puede realizar la boda religiosa.

La Boda Ceremonial en México

Este tipo de ceremonias son recomendadas para parejas que van a renovar votos matrimoniales, o desean tener una ceremonia de boda. Existen diferentes estilos, pero normalmente estas ceremonias son consideradas no denomínales. Algunos ministros en México hablan inglés, francés, alemán, italiano o portugués.

Solo recuerda que estas ceremonias no son reconocidas de manera legal en México o en algún país. En algunas regiones de México como Quintana Roo o Yucatán se pueden realizar bodas ceremoniales

Bodas del Mismo Sexo (LGBTI)

Hasta el momento solamente hay nueve estados en México donde se puede realizar una boda del mismo sexo de manera legal por medio de una boda civil. Los estados son: Quintana Roo, Jalisco, Morelos, Campeche, Coahuila, Nayarit, Michoacán y la Ciudad de México.

En cualquier otro estado de México se puede realizar una boda ceremonial o religiosa del mismo sexo, pero no tendrá validez oficial.

La información puede cambiar en cualquier momento, como fotógrafo de bodas con destino a México tratamos de orientar a las posibles parejas y facilitar su aventura en este país.

Pueden visitar la Secretaria de Turismo para buscar información específica.

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Instituto Nacional de Migración

Embajadas en Mexico


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What is an Engagement Session?


Engagement Session usually is called a Prewedding too, and is simply a session of portraits of you and your partner that is realized in a moment of tranquility and relaxation. The same is for the engagement session.

In Spain and Latin America it is now common to hear the term of Pre-wedding, but there are some Spanish-speaking countries is still called Engagement Session and also uses the Engagement Session Anglicism that they use in the United Kingdom and United States and countries Of English language. In New Zealand and Australia, they use the term of Pre-Wedding too.


For us it is very important because it allows us to get to know them as people on a human and emotional level. We do not want to do a wedding without knowing the bride and groom.
Many couples do not consider how important this is. The reason is that we teach them to relax and to be comfortable in front of a camera. It is true that sometimes the couple is self-conscious and does not know what to do or how to react.

We do not want this to happen on one of the most important days of your life. What we do in the engagement session is to teach them how we shoot with the camera, how we work and anything that can be learned for the wedding day.

You can also use the material for the invitations, Save the Dates or show them at the reception during the wedding or the bride and groom’s website.


Weddings do not have to be classic and boring. Neither do the photographic sessions. We strive to avoid the traditional and the poses. It is fashionable for many photographers or studios to say that they do not try to pose or that everything is natural. Unconsciously we all pose, but when we have a camera in front of us, we get stuck and do not know what to do.

When we say that we do not try to make poses or pictures cliché, it is because in the engagement sessions we teach the couple that it is possible to be relaxed in front of us and to be living in the moment rather than be worried about how to move the arm or the waist.

We will not teach them to make strange or conceptual poses. In a wedding there are many things that happen in an instant and what we least want is for the couple to be more stressed. To have a stress free wedding it is not necessary to be memorizing the poses, using guides or books.

For us, it is important for the couple to learn to relax, to stay still, to kiss and embrace. Those intimate moments are important to the couple. In 20 years or in 50 years you will be able to see those photographs and remember how we kissed and embraced. That way you will be making your natural and unique poses of yourselves. Engagements are always included in our collections up to two if necessary.


We can only do one session and you will decide whether to hire us or not. You may not yet have plans to get married and are interested in having memories of a trip, an adventure or just want to have pictures of you in happy moments of your life.

We can accompany them and create a visual document. We love to travel and we are going to have a lot of fun.



You can schedule your session from Monday to Thursday. Ideally, we will be doing the session in the evening or very early in the morning.

The best light is at dawn and two hours before sunset. In the very early morning, the sunrise session seems crazy perhaps, but we can assure you that the light is perfect. Sometimes there is fog or clouds and if it is in spring or summer, it is the best way to avoid the heat.

When it is not always possible to schedule a day in the morning or in the afternoon, take into account that the sidewalks and streets are always less crowded, and parks are usually empty. When we schedule the date of your two sessions, engagement or pre wedding will depend on the outcome of the photos of how they will look.

If you do not have a deadline for your photos, you have the freedom to simply choose the season of the year for your session depending on what you want to incorporate. The photos will look great when we plan it.

Ice cream cones and flowery dresses work well during warm days, or layers of clothing in fall, beach sessions and camps are perfect for summer nights.


These are usually sent at least 4 months before the wedding. The average time to process the photographic material is 4-6 weeks, we recommend that you schedule your session at least 5 months before your “Save the Date” or Invitations.

When you are ready to order a book for the guests or assemble an engagement album at the Wedding. We suggest you schedule your session at least two months before the wedding, so we will have 4-6 weeks time to process the material. Two extra weeks of design and two extra weeks to order the guest album or album to the lab.



It is a simple journey through the countryside or some other location you choose. Two hours before the sun sets at dusk or during sunrise. Without realizing it, we will be shooting and getting to know each other. It may be that we travel to the countryside, to a forest or even to make a little trip to a different place. We will find time to get to know what inspires you and how we can capture those special moments of you.

We have gone to the mountains, to the rivers and even to the sea and the beach. We like nature and couples enjoy natural moments. It is also important to consider a unique location that is reflective of both of you. Think about the things that inspire you; Consider places that have a sentimental meaning for you or something that is fun or different.

It can be related to your hobbies, your careers, or passions that we can incorporate. Make it personal. Avoid monuments or historic landmarks. The best locations are a mixture of something peculiar and different. If they are travelers like us, we could leave some town or some location outside the city. Roads, valleys, trails, mountains, lakes, craters, forests, beaches and oceans are our favorite locations.

Think about the colors and the style that these locations can have and how they can be complemented in with their changing rooms. It also helps if they include “props” accessories (or pets) that help them show who they are and what makes them different, they can bring their pets whenever they can and there is no problem in the location that we go. These are just a few ideas to help you choose your location.

Our session does not need to be deep or conceptual, but it helps to know where we are. What we want to do is naturally document some adventure they have together.


As the location, your wardrobe should be a reflection of you, keep in mind the location when planning your wardrobe.

We have an inspiration board that can serve you here:

We have included some additional tips, colors and combinations of patterns that can serve on the board.

Primary and secondary colors have a very important role in photography. Colors, reds, yellows and blues can help to highlight more of the background. You can add a pair of red or yellow shoes, colored stockings or a blue tie to transform your wardrobe. Whenever you can, try to combine the colors of the two of you.

Take this as an excuse to buy that dress or blouse you saw a couple of days ago or those shoes you wanted to buy. If you can also bring some flats or walking shoes these will allow you to move about all the places that we go to in comfort.

You can include accessories such as diadems, collars, hats, shiny socks, an outstanding colored belt, scarves, or things you can add as a cloak to your wardrobe. The boys can also add some accessories. A tight button shirt looks good, but ask if you feel comfortable in it. Complementary accessories are important for your wardrobe. Think about the colors they will bring together, try to avoid matching costumes. For example, avoid a red blouse for her and a red shirt for him. Or a blue skirt for her and blue pants for him. (Avoid it please).

Imagine that the two are going to attend the same event, if they were dressed for a reservation at a restaurant or if they feel like going barefoot around the field and being near a lake; try to coordinate. Also avoid baggy shirts for him, light jean shirts, polos, tennis or shirts with a logo. You can always break the rules, but we have a rule that we insist a lot. “If your shirt has more tattoos or marks than you have, please leave it at home.”


If you are going to make your session with us, we have a much more complete guide that you can read here. It is the “Session Guide” section below the Engagement, Sessions and Weddings area. Many couples ask us for more details and we have answered those questions through that guide. If you have any questions, send us an email.

Reflekk Photography Engagement Session

10 Tips for Having a Stress Free Wedding


A stress free wedding is what every bride to be usually aspires for in one of the most important days of her life. We have already said it here. It is naive to think that artists do their work in a poorly lit place. If there is no organization, the wedding will not just magically flow naturally and quietly. Many couples, because of their lack of experience and excitement at the time of having a perfect wedding, things usually happen that were not planned.

This is normal and I can tell you in all confidence that you are not the first or last to be stressed on your wedding day. We want you to trust the professionals because they have experience in the field. For us, the most important people are the bride and groom. It is essential that the bride is calm and relaxed because it will be reflected in the photographs and videos. Also with the groom, he should know that without a relaxed attitude it will not reflect well in the picture.

The attitude counts a lot and that is why it is important that you know about us. Insistently we will make an engagement session or two if possible. Our philosophy of documenting is that you feel intimacy and trust with us and that it is mutual. We will teach them how to be relaxed in front of the camera and that they do not have to pretend or make such strange poses. What we want is to teach you that you can be yourself and in a natural way, you can have those unique moments because that is life.

The unique moments can be key moments in documenting a story: when the father of the bride sees her daughter arranged in her beautiful dress. When the groom sees the bride for the first time. When the couple gazes at each other in front of their friends and close relatives. It is possible to have a stress free wedding and it is possible to have a dream wedding. But it is also important that in order for this to become reality one must take care and plan many details. The organization goes hand in hand at a wedding.

Sometimes we make Wedding Planners although we will not tell you what flowers to use or what color your shoes should be or what decorations you should have in place. However, we can advise and organize if you want. Our five years of experience makes it easier for us. I want to leave you with 10 small tips to have a stress free wedding. And if you want at the end you can download a checklist that we have made as a guide for brides which contains 20 points that you should consider to have a stress free wedding. It is free and we keep it updated.

This is not at all a manual or a rulebook. They are only recommendations that we give our brides to be to help them have a better experience on a unique day.
Soon, I hope to be able to make some video to be clearer in some points which can serve as a guide for that dream wedding that you want and that you deserve to have.


I want you to close your eyes and imagine what emotions come to mind that you expect to have. Then imagine what it smells like. What do you hear? Is the wedding cool or warm? Do you want it to be a wedding on the beach, in the woods or in the mountains? It is very important for you to visualize that experience so it will give you the basics to start planning. But it will also give you the basis for deciding how you want to make it memorable.


Put yourself in the place of your guests. How do you want them to remember that wedding? What do you want to be the first thing you remember when you talk about your most special day? What would you like to feel the moment you arrive at the place? If you had a soundtrack right now, what would you listen to?


This should be among the 5 most important things in a wedding. The reason is because a wedding is a unique moment in the life of two beings who love each other with all their heart. Being able to witness such an event is an honor for us. But it is also important because it goes hand in hand with the organization, you can not document it well if there is bad lighting or the chairs are messy.

Or if the families of the couple negotiate because of time or logistics. There are guests who can sometimes hurt the photographs or the video without them noticing.
Invest in having time at this point, like buying a car or a house. There are couples who can spend more of their budget on the party, on the chocolate fountain, on the music, but in the end all that is lost and nobody will remember what the menu was or what drinks there were during the reception.


All weddings are unique and different. There are small and large. There are brides who have a courtship or just the couple. This is important because you can add more time to the ceremony as well as shorten it. There are processions and entries that can be complex and exotic, but our recommendation is to be as simple as possible.


We do not do traditional or boring weddings, we want you to have a stress-free and relaxed wedding. In Latin America, the “First Look” is not as common but is starting to grow in popularity, while it is something normal in the United States, even differs from European weddings. Known as the First Look, it is a moment we take for the bride and groom to see each other for the first time. This can be very emotional for both. We give ourselves a few minutes to document the moment when the groom sees the bride for the first time.

In our experience, it is essential to see the groom get excited and see for the first time his bride dressed and ready to have a few moments of tranquility before the ceremony. This allows us to prepare them and to relax even more for the moments that are to come. First Look becomes important to the couple’s parents. I consider that it is one of the most important moments especially for the father of the bride. Consider whether you want to have this moment in your wedding or not. It will influence logistics and times.

The bride must have her own makeup artist and stylist. Ideally, she should be alone with the basic staff. One of the most important points for you to have a stress free wedding is that the bride should have her makeup artist and stylist unique to her. The reason is that sometimes, it does not reach in time and it creates pressure and conflict in it. It is neither aesthetic nor emotional to document when the bride is fighting with one of her relatives because there is no time or because the stylist takes “x” amount of time per person. The ideal is to hire at least two stylists and two makeup artists or a team of professionals.

Sometimes a friend or aunt does not like what the hairstyle looks like and wants to get another one. This actually makes you lose time, consider these factors so that you have a wedding stress free. It is always best to plan and resolve situations before they occur. The bride has more priority on this day.


We always recommend that the couple move in a hotel near the place of the ceremony or in the destination where they marry. It is not aesthetic to enter the house where the bride will be arranged and in a small room and with the whole family stuck in there. The chaos that is made stresses the bride. This also goes the same for the groom. These two places can be separated by a great distance and valuable time is lost and they risk that unforeseen problems happen when there is no need.

The room of a Hotel, will give you that tranquility, space and security to change and prepare for the wedding. Hotels often have special options for the bride and groom; Do not hesitate to ask for these. What if after fixing the bride and groom you have to go to some other location to make the photography and video of the First Look or the ladies or groomsmen? That adds more hours of coverage and more logistics for the wedding day.

That is why we recommend simplicity so we can avoid mishaps, the better the photographs are going to look. It is not the same to speak of the aesthetics of photography for a house with a room of only 10 x 13 square feet to a hotel room that has the sufficient space and the architectural design to document.


It takes us between 10 and 15 minutes to make the portraits of the bride and groom during the sunset. This is called the Golden Hour. Time is very limited, but we do not need more. It is an intimate moment for you after the ceremony.

There are times that for lack of logistics or foresight where time is lost or you simply want to take advantage of the destination place where you are getting married. This can be on a beach, hacienda or somewhere near the wedding venue. We can do a Post-Wedding, After Day or Trash The Dress if you wish. It is always gratifying to document them as newlyweds.


Another very important point is the coordination with the photographer and videographer. Independent if you wish to have an experience with us. Always trust the professionals; it is not by whim or taste that we make certain recommendations. It is because we know how the final photograph will look like and the final video. We will work with what we have, we cannot do magic where there is none. If it is dimly lit, so will it also look in the photographs. If it is badly decorated like this, it will be seen.

If there are guests with Ipads or tablets, selfie sticks or smartphones crossing in front of us, it will be seen. We cannot fix anything with Photoshop because we do not use it. We are not graphic designers we are artists and professionals of photography and video. If there are poorly arranged cables or monitors, it will be seen in the photographs, we do not want to deceive anyone. Nevertheless, all this can be avoided and it makes it look much better if we plan it and follow the recommendations.


It is good to have someone who can plan but also know how to work as a team with the vision of the photographer and videographer. It is not a matter of egos, the most important are the bride and groom, but that too will be reflected in having a stress free wedding. We always recommend that the bride decides to have a friend, family member or someone close to her to support her in planning the wedding. In your logistics do not have a wedding activity as an honorary lady or have any other activity during the ceremony.

From experience, doing this creates uncomfortable moments and stress for fulfilling different responsibilities during a very important event where lack of experience can make the wedding have setbacks and complicated situations. By working with Wedding Planners, we can provide you with certain schedules and tips that work well during the wedding hours. This makes everything flow in a more natural way.


The most important thing for photography is lighting. For a photographer and videographer, light is the language that allows you to express yourself through light and shadows. A wedding with good lighting translates into good documentary work. Remember we cannot do wonders if the place is poorly lit. The best light is when the sun is no longer perpendicular to objects. The light is always better when the intensity decreases.

Many brides think that having a wedding at noon is beneficial; the reality is that they do not. Too much light can create extreme shadows and oversaturate the place with unnecessary lighting. The best portraits are obtained in moments where the sun caresses the approaching twilight. We always recommend working at sunsets at least two hours before sunbathing or in the morning from sunrise to two hours at most. The midday sun is best avoided.

The golden hour is when the sun is hidden below the horizon, generating tones warmer and softer. The colors of the sunset turn yellow to orange, pink and blue tones. This lasts about 15 to 20 minutes. Ideal for portraits at the wedding of the bride and groom.

The blue hour is actually a French expression “L’heure Bleue”, because it is the point of twilight where it is not daytime and it is not yet night and the tones turn blue and purple. It is a magical moment where the light is soft. I hope that this can help you. We wholeheartedly wish you a wedding with a happy ending and a stress-free wedding.

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Reflekk Photography A stress Free Wedding