Getting Married in Mexico

Guide to Getting Married in Mexico. A better guide if you are looking to have a Destination Wedding in Mexico, Religious, Ceremonial or Civil Wedding.

To marry in Mexico, there are usually three types of ceremonies held in the country. Civil or Legal Wedding, Religious Wedding and Ceremonial Wedding. Of the three, the only one recognized in Mexico, that is valid to issue a legal document of married for the United States, and Canada is the civil wedding.

For members of the European Union the Civil Wedding is also valid.

Legal requirements


Persons under 18 years of age cannot marry in Mexico without the consent of the parents. You will need a permit or document to endorse this decision. In case of having them, the men must have a minimum age of 16 and the girls a minimum of 14 years of age.


You do not need to be a resident of Mexico to get married in the country. You will only need your passport and tourist permit and some extra paperwork. Airlines will give you a tourist card if you visit Mexico. If you travel to the country through a car, you will have to get one in Mexico.

Some states in Mexico require copies of birth certificates that are translated into Spanish and certified by the country of origin. They need to be copies because in the office they stay with them as records.

Health certificate

The Mexican laws require a document of health to marry in Mexico especially the civil weddings. Blood, HIV, and STDs tests, are performed. These can be performed in some resorts, clinics and hospitals in Mexico.

We recommend arriving 3 days in advance to give you time to complete these procedures and exams. For the government the days Saturday and Sunday are non-working. Government offices and staff working for the government rest during those two days.

Single Affidavit

Known as the “stateroom statute declaration”, it is a document needed required by the Mexican government to hold the legal wedding. This document indicates that you are single and do not have an impediment to getting married. This procedure is signed and performed in the same place.

If the couple wishes that the parents’ names are on the legal certificate as witnesses, they must bring copies of the translated birth certificates and apostilled to Spanish. These documents are appended to the application to marry in Mexico and are not returned. It is important to bring certified copies. Otherwise, the parents’ names will be omitted from the document.


Civil weddings in Mexico require four witnesses. If the couple has their witnesses they have filled out the form for the civil wedding. These include name, nationality, address, occupation and age. Have a valid passport and your tourist card.

Witnesses and / or relatives are advised to arrive three days in advance to have all the papers ready.

Foreigner + Mexican

Of all the mentioned documents to marry in Mexico. A foreigner with a Mexican national needs to obtain a permit from the Secretary of the Interior, from the Immigration Office area. (It has an approximate cost of USD $ 200) The document is “Permission to contract Marriage with a National”.

This document is given, in the same offices where you see the process for the civil wedding. Therefore, we also recommend seeing this in advance. This process can last from two working days to two weeks.

Official Holidays in Mexico

  • January 1: New Year.
  • February 5: Constitution Day.
  • March 21: Birth of Benito Juárez
  • May 1: Labor Day
  • September 16: Independence Day
  • November 20: Day of the Mexican Revolution
  • December 1: Executive Branch.
  • December 25th: Christmas

The Civil Wedding in Mexico

To marry in Mexico all civil weddings are valid and legal. Being an official event, it is conducted in Spanish by a judge and translated into English or some other language if desired. We recommend seeing this with a wedding coordinator.

The US Department of State requires that all weddings held in the Caribbean including in Mexico have an apostille stamp. Civil weddings are held at the offices of the Civil Registrar’s Office. The average cost may vary in tourism areas. (USD $ 100 to $ 250) There are Judges who can perform the civil wedding at the hotel, hacienda or resort, but these have extra costs.

Religious Wedding in Mexico

There are many religions in Mexico and any couple can have a religious wedding anywhere in the country. So anyone can choose to get married in Mexico. However, religious weddings lack official validity. A civil wedding is the legal way to marry in Mexico.

We consider that if you wish to have an Adventist Wedding, Roman Catholic Wedding, Christian Wedding, Jewish Wedding, Muslim Wedding, Indian Wedding or any other religious wedding take a little more time to see the procedures necessary to perform them in Mexico.

Usually some couples have two weddings, civil and religious. Some religions request to have a civil wedding first to confirm the legality of the marriage and after that they can realize the religious wedding.

The Ceremonial Wedding in Mexico

These types of ceremonies are recommended for couples who are going to renew marriage vows, or wish to have a wedding ceremony. There are different styles, but usually these ceremonies are considered non-denominational.

Some ministers in Mexico speak English, French, German, Italian or Portuguese. Just remember that these ceremonies are not legally recognized in Mexico or in any country. In some regions of Mexico like Quintana Roo or Yucatan ceremonial weddings can be realized

Weddings of the Same Sex (LGBTI)

Getting married in Mexico shouldn’t be an issue if you are pursuing an LGBTI wedding. So far, there are only nine states in Mexico where a same-sex wedding can be legally held through a civil wedding. These states are Quintana Roo, Jalisco, Morelos, Campeche, Coahuila, Nayarit, Michoacán and Mexico City.

In any other state of Mexico, a ceremonial or religious wedding of the same sex may be held, but it will not have official validity.

The information can change at any time, as wedding photographers in Mexico, we try to guide potential couples and facilitate their adventure in this country. You can visit the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico to look for specific information.

We hope this Guide of Getting Marriedin Mexico could help you in your new adventure. If you feel or want to add something to this guide, send us an email to info(at)

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