Style and Work

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We move wherever there is a true love story, those that make us feel excited and delighted.

Reflekk Photography Fotografo de Boda Destino Thailand

We are based in Mexico City, Riviera Maya and Miami which is the ideal place to travel to national and international destinations. We go wherever an excited couple contacts us. Photography and art are our passions among other things. Traveling is not a limitation.

Reflekk Photography Fotografo de Boda Destino Reflekk Photography Fotografo de Boda Destino Bangkok Thailand

We have a peculiar way of seeing life, portraying it, and living it. If you want to know more about Reflekk Family you can read about it here.



Not only do we do photography or video at weddings, we put our experience and ourselves at your service. We strive to have chemistry with you, because for us it is more important to get to know you personally and interact with you on a human level than purely a professional interaction.

Reflekk Photography Fotografo de Boda Destino Mexico Detalles

We like to get involved in the technical aspects, as well as the emotional aspects. It moves us and allows us to witness a unique event in life. We take care of the small details and help you organize so that everything can come together for your dream wedding.

Reflekk Photography Fotografo de Boda Destino Mexico Boda Playa

We always guide and advise couples who want our opinion. We will guide you in the aesthetic and emotional aspects and take care of every detail to create a magical experience.

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While couples may hope that as artists we can create magic from poor lighting and non ideal conditions, the setting and other circumstances are extremely important for taking quality photos. Thus it is beneficial for couples to keep in mind how their choices for the wedding’s time and setting can influence the quality of photos and set their expectations accordingly. Also, the couple’s attitude plays an important role. If they are tense and nervous because they aren’t organizing the wedding. This will be noticed in the photographs and in the filming. But everything has a solution, heed the professionals who are just trying to help.

Reflekk Photography Fotografo de Boda Destino Mexico Engagement

We demonstrate and explain to the couple how to achieve this attitude; the relaxation that leads to those natural moments in a wedding, which may not play out if they are not planned in advance. That’s why it’s important to do a engagement session, which serves to teach you how we work and relax before a camera.

It is important to do these wedding rehearsals or engagement sessions because there we will talk, laugh, and practice letting things come out naturally. For the wedding day, you will be relaxed and realize that it is possible to get emotional pictures without pretending, posing and acting. Because in the end you are your own selves.

Reflekk Photography Fotografo de Boda Destino Mexico Preboda Emociones

The organization of the wedding goes hand in hand with our photography by ensuring enough time is allotted to each part of the event. This is why careful planning and logistics of the events of the wedding are important for our ability to work efficiently and effectively. Our recommendation even for the times of the ceremony is two hours after dawn or two hours before sunset.

Also, where the couple gets dressed and changed and the logistics in general are important to consider. We will not choose the flowers or the shoes for your wedding, but we can help you organize if you wish; we already have five years of experience behind us.



Weddings do not have to be classic and boring. We try to go beyond the traditional and posing. We have decided that we will not have weddings without knowing the bride and groom without teaching them that is not necessary to pose.

Reflekk Photography Fotografo de Boda Destino Mexico Engagement Emocional

This helps us get to know you as a person, that we have emotions and feelings. We do not judge, but are cool and relaxed; we like that freedom and complicity. This makes weddings more relaxed and natural when we are more familiar with each other.

Reflekk Photography Fotografo de Boda Destino Mexico Preboda

The wedding rehearsal or engagement sessions are always included in our collections. It’s a simple field trip or some other location you choose two hours before sunset or two hours after sunrise. Without realizing it we will be shooting and getting to know each other.

It may be that we travel to the countryside, to a forest or to a different place you may prefer. We will take time to learn what inspires you and how we can capture those special moments of you.

Reflekk Photography Fotografo de Boda Destino Mexico Preboda Emocional

We have gone to the mountains, rivers, and even to the sea and the beach. We like nature and couples enjoy natural moments.

Your images will be available after a couple of days so you can see and check the way we work. You can do only an engagement session before deciding if you want to hire us for the wedding and that way we will be more familiar with each other.

An engagement session is always included, but if possible, we do two. We can do this as long as the couple coordinates the logistics and the place, as well as if we have dates available, because we may travel or have scheduled with another couple. If possible, we will do a post wedding session because, it’s nice to be with the couples again.

In the case of destination weddings, we will do the session one or two days before or after the wedding day exploring outside the resort or around the place where you are going to get married. Let’s Explore!



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We work as a team when the couple wants their wedding documented in both photography and video and there is a specific collection if you want only video or if you want everything. There are times when the couple already has their own videographer but there are usually some drawbacks to this.

Sometimes they come up with several assistants, cranes and cameras and even drones as if they were going to record a commercial, and sometimes they destroy the work of the photographer. There are other professionals who are discreet and attentive, they know how to work as a team.

But those who don’t know how to work in a team destroy the planes of photography, cables and even tripods can appear in the images. However, this can also distract the guests and the bride and groom. To be honest, at a wedding you can’t repeat everything, so we don’t want to risk such a wedding.

Reflekk Photography Fotografo de Boda Destino Mexico Filmmaker

If you don’t have a professional videographer, we have someone professional who can take care of it. Your wedding will be the closest thing to a movie, where photographers or assistants do not go walking and running around.

This can be annoying and distressing for the couple and their guests, but it is unnecessary to do that. When we go as a team we know what to do, without disturbing the guests or the couple.



All our couples own their photographs and video. We deliver the files in high resolution via online in a practical and simple way. If you wish we can also give you an individual photo album or copies, some are already included in certain photography collections.

Reflekk Photography Fotografo de Boda Destino Mexico Sonrisa

The files are delivered in JPEG at maximum resolution for printing and you can also use them in digital to share with friends and family. There are no watermarks or anything strange because they are yours.

The images are not done with any alterations, mounts, manipulations or Photoshop. The images are only done with a lot of love. We are photographers and artists, not graphic designers.

For the documented wedding that we make, we deliver a minimum of 1000 professional processed photographs with the proper tones and colors to be remembered as well as their black and white versions.

We don’t limit ourselves in the number of photos that we shoot. But there are many and every couple and wedding is different. On average take about 100 images per hour.

Reflekk Photography Fotografo de Boda Destino Mexico Mariachi Boda

The delivery time for the wedding is approximately three weeks from the date of the event. We deliver a video slideshow with the highlights telling your story. This video is delivered in Full HD and is linked to a special account. You can see examples on our website, Vimeo and Facebook.

Deliveries of the engagement session or postwedding are delivered no later than two weeks, sometimes before. We deliver a minimum of 100 photos and 100 of the post wedding, a total of 200 photos and their black and white versions in a total of 400 photographs without counting the wedding. Sometimes depending on the engagement, wedding, post wedding and other adventures we deliver more than 2000 photographs in a quick time.

Reflekk Photography Fotografo de Boda Destino Mexico Cariño

We believe that the images should be enjoyed as soon as possible while the emotions are still fresh. So, the sooner you can enjoy it the more emotional it will be to remember. There are photographers and studios that take 4 to 5 months and more to deliver the material to their couples and we believe this shouldn’t happen.

There are two types of albums that we deliver. The first is simple and modern, and contains up to 50 pages and 100 photographs that the couple selects for their elaboration. You can have it at a small table or in a special place.

Reflekk Photography Album

The second is the Fine Art Albums which are printed on matte paper that up to 70 pages can be attached. The binding does not show cuts or glue, and makes the fantastic images appear in complete and open pages.

Reflekk Photography Album

The book is handcrafted and is the best way to re-experience the history of the wedding in a beautifully hand-finished memory.

In the case of video, we make a short film, a trailer and a poster. It creates a trailer of two to three minutes of time. There is also a 10 to 20 minute feature film telling your story. The material is delivered in Full HD 1080p.

Maximum delivery is six weeks for your video and you can receive a series of collections of unedited clips if the couple provides a hard drive for it.

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Reflekk Photography Fotografo de Boda Destino Mexico Riviera Maya Filmmaker

We have traveled to many different places around the world. On our wish list is to go to Oceania and Africa.

For Destination Weddings, most of our photography and video collections already include travel expenses. You do not have to worry about anything extra except to request the corresponding permissions that we mentioned below:

Reflekk Photography Fotografo de Boda Destino Mexico Riviera Maya Friends

Some Resorts, Haciendas and Tourist Destinations in different places like Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Maya, the Caribbean or in South America like Viña del Mar in Chile, Bariloche in Argentina, in Europe places like Barcelona or Mallorca, etc. In some locations such as these, there are extra charges for the photographers or videographers who cover the event. These must be resolved by the couple and the place.

The couple must ensure that they meet this requirement and can check the professionalism of their photographer or videographer and that there is no problem to carry out our work. If you are interested in our work, please let us know.

Reflekk Photography Fotografo de Boda Destino Mexico Riviera Maya Photographer

Every wedding and couple is unique. And to create special and magical moments requires time and planning. Sometimes we are traveling or we are busy with some personal photography or video project. Please contact us here and tell us how we can help you.



Reflekk Photography Fotografo de Boda Destino Mexico

Our wedding collection ranges start from $1950 up to $5000 USD. 90% of our couples invest an average of $3900 USD.

In general our collections include everything necessary to document the wedding day, but if you wish it can be customized without any problem. No matter where you marry, either in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean or South America most of our collections include travel expenses for one or two people. Everything is included, no extra fees. There are different prices for Europe.

For more details Contact us. Our collections also include a series of prints and a USB with your material among other things. If you want to know what else it includes, Contact us.

To know the detailed price list of our collections and to schedule you can Contact us here, you can also personalize your collection if you wish.


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Planning your Wedding

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