Engagement Session usually is called a Prewedding too, and is simply a session of portraits of you and your partner that is realized in a moment of tranquility and relaxation. The same is for the engagement session.

In Spain and Latin America it is now common to hear the term of Pre-wedding, but there are some Spanish-speaking countries is still called Engagement Session and also uses the Engagement Session Anglicism that they use in the United Kingdom and United States and countries Of English language. In New Zealand and Australia, they use the term of Pre-Wedding too.


For us it is very important because it allows us to get to know them as people on a human and emotional level. We do not want to do a wedding without knowing the bride and groom.
Many couples do not consider how important this is. The reason is that we teach them to relax and to be comfortable in front of a camera. It is true that sometimes the couple is self-conscious and does not know what to do or how to react.

We do not want this to happen on one of the most important days of your life. What we do in the engagement session is to teach them how we shoot with the camera, how we work and anything that can be learned for the wedding day.

You can also use the material for the invitations, Save the Dates or show them at the reception during the wedding or the bride and groom’s website.


Weddings do not have to be classic and boring. Neither do the photographic sessions. We strive to avoid the traditional and the poses. It is fashionable for many photographers or studios to say that they do not try to pose or that everything is natural. Unconsciously we all pose, but when we have a camera in front of us, we get stuck and do not know what to do.

When we say that we do not try to make poses or pictures cliché, it is because in the engagement sessions we teach the couple that it is possible to be relaxed in front of us and to be living in the moment rather than be worried about how to move the arm or the waist.

We will not teach them to make strange or conceptual poses. In a wedding there are many things that happen in an instant and what we least want is for the couple to be more stressed. To have a stress free wedding it is not necessary to be memorizing the poses, using guides or books.

For us, it is important for the couple to learn to relax, to stay still, to kiss and embrace. Those intimate moments are important to the couple. In 20 years or in 50 years you will be able to see those photographs and remember how we kissed and embraced. That way you will be making your natural and unique poses of yourselves. Engagements are always included in our collections up to two if necessary.


We can only do one session and you will decide whether to hire us or not. You may not yet have plans to get married and are interested in having memories of a trip, an adventure or just want to have pictures of you in happy moments of your life.

We can accompany them and create a visual document. We love to travel and we are going to have a lot of fun.



You can schedule your session from Monday to Thursday. Ideally, we will be doing the session in the evening or very early in the morning.

The best light is at dawn and two hours before sunset. In the very early morning, the sunrise session seems crazy perhaps, but we can assure you that the light is perfect. Sometimes there is fog or clouds and if it is in spring or summer, it is the best way to avoid the heat.

When it is not always possible to schedule a day in the morning or in the afternoon, take into account that the sidewalks and streets are always less crowded, and parks are usually empty. When we schedule the date of your two sessions, engagement or pre wedding will depend on the outcome of the photos of how they will look.

If you do not have a deadline for your photos, you have the freedom to simply choose the season of the year for your session depending on what you want to incorporate. The photos will look great when we plan it.

Ice cream cones and flowery dresses work well during warm days, or layers of clothing in fall, beach sessions and camps are perfect for summer nights.


These are usually sent at least 4 months before the wedding. The average time to process the photographic material is 4-6 weeks, we recommend that you schedule your session at least 5 months before your “Save the Date” or Invitations.

When you are ready to order a book for the guests or assemble an engagement album at the Wedding. We suggest you schedule your session at least two months before the wedding, so we will have 4-6 weeks time to process the material. Two extra weeks of design and two extra weeks to order the guest album or album to the lab.



It is a simple journey through the countryside or some other location you choose. Two hours before the sun sets at dusk or during sunrise. Without realizing it, we will be shooting and getting to know each other. It may be that we travel to the countryside, to a forest or even to make a little trip to a different place. We will find time to get to know what inspires you and how we can capture those special moments of you.

We have gone to the mountains, to the rivers and even to the sea and the beach. We like nature and couples enjoy natural moments. It is also important to consider a unique location that is reflective of both of you. Think about the things that inspire you; Consider places that have a sentimental meaning for you or something that is fun or different.

It can be related to your hobbies, your careers, or passions that we can incorporate. Make it personal. Avoid monuments or historic landmarks. The best locations are a mixture of something peculiar and different. If they are travelers like us, we could leave some town or some location outside the city. Roads, valleys, trails, mountains, lakes, craters, forests, beaches and oceans are our favorite locations.

Think about the colors and the style that these locations can have and how they can be complemented in with their changing rooms. It also helps if they include “props” accessories (or pets) that help them show who they are and what makes them different, they can bring their pets whenever they can and there is no problem in the location that we go. These are just a few ideas to help you choose your location.

Our session does not need to be deep or conceptual, but it helps to know where we are. What we want to do is naturally document some adventure they have together.


As the location, your wardrobe should be a reflection of you, keep in mind the location when planning your wardrobe.

We have an inspiration board that can serve you here:

We have included some additional tips, colors and combinations of patterns that can serve on the board.

Primary and secondary colors have a very important role in photography. Colors, reds, yellows and blues can help to highlight more of the background. You can add a pair of red or yellow shoes, colored stockings or a blue tie to transform your wardrobe. Whenever you can, try to combine the colors of the two of you.

Take this as an excuse to buy that dress or blouse you saw a couple of days ago or those shoes you wanted to buy. If you can also bring some flats or walking shoes these will allow you to move about all the places that we go to in comfort.

You can include accessories such as diadems, collars, hats, shiny socks, an outstanding colored belt, scarves, or things you can add as a cloak to your wardrobe. The boys can also add some accessories. A tight button shirt looks good, but ask if you feel comfortable in it. Complementary accessories are important for your wardrobe. Think about the colors they will bring together, try to avoid matching costumes. For example, avoid a red blouse for her and a red shirt for him. Or a blue skirt for her and blue pants for him. (Avoid it please).

Imagine that the two are going to attend the same event, if they were dressed for a reservation at a restaurant or if they feel like going barefoot around the field and being near a lake; try to coordinate. Also avoid baggy shirts for him, light jean shirts, polos, tennis or shirts with a logo. You can always break the rules, but we have a rule that we insist a lot. “If your shirt has more tattoos or marks than you have, please leave it at home.”


If you are going to make your session with us, we have a much more complete guide that you can read here. It is the “Session Guide” section below the Engagement, Sessions and Weddings area. Many couples ask us for more details and we have answered those questions through that guide. If you have any questions, send us an email.

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